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Daniel Hyunwoo

Bristolian-born, Daniel Hyunwoo has since gone on to make a name for himself as one of the most unique classical artists of his generation. Whether in the Late Sonatas of Schubert, free jazz sets in ensemble and solo, conducting and performing Mozart Concerti from the keyboard, or performing live improvisations on themes suggested from the audience he continues to amaze audiences and scholars alike with his flexibility as a composer, improviser and pianist. 

The Rondo was beautifully phrased with its long outpouring of song...The end of a wondrous journey in the hands of a true poet who could guide us with such simplicity and authority.

                                                             - Christopher Axworthy (Schubert Sonata D959)

David Jacobson, Conductor and Composer

“Listening to Daniel Hyunwoo, sweat pouring down his face in furious concentration, whirlwinds and torrents being conjured up by his marvellous hands - I've never heard Scriabin sound so alive and yet so utterly terrifying at the same time."

Stanley Kaye-Smith

"Working with Daniel as both a composer and a performer was an immensely fulfilling experience - we performed each others works to a high degree and he was always inquisitive when working with me on his writing for Bassoon, indulging in extended techniques and multi-phonics that had not been heard before. It resulted in a collaboration in his Bassoon Concertino, written especially for me, that I felt was very successful."

Benjamin Zander

"Daniel is a not only a wonderful pianist, but a great musician and incredibly versatile. In his performance of Bach's Partitas for Keyboard one could hear every single played, picked out as if he was a masterful conductor, conducting a different instrument on every finger. The extemporisation was also wonderfully stylistic and never took anything anyway from the grand structures of each epic."
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